Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New Mexico Rapids SC has a developed an evolving operational structure.  As the largest youth soccer club in New Mexico, we realize there are questions that will need to be answered regarding our structure, our interaction with our membership and operation of the club. NM Rapids SC acknowledges the need to accept and evaluate customer, employee, and membership feedback in order to continue to grow and be successful. Below we have compiled a list of actual and possible questions which new or prospective members may have.

Q: I’ve heard NM Rapids SC is an expensive club for my child to play?
A: NM Rapids SC has a number of pricing structures for its membership to choose from. Our Youth Academy for younger players, recreational program, and moderately competitive to very competitive programs offer different cost structures to choose from. Teams may choose the appropriate pricing structure for their team goals / budget and can discuss/review this with age group directors at any time.
Q: What do I get for the money I pay NM Rapids SC ?

A: What you get depends on what you pay. Regardless of what level of professional coaching or competition you choose , you get the following base services: Age Group Training (AGT) for field players aged U9-U12, training for Goalkeepers aged U9-U19, coaching seminars, a club identity, Player practice t-shirts and Rapids volunteer coaching package. Team track and club track teams have the option of 2 team clinics/sessions (1 fall, 1 spring), which are conducted by the NM Rapids SC professional coaching staff.

Q: What is the money I pay NM Rapids SC used for ?

A: Over 90% of the money collected in club membership dues goes directly to the provision of player education, coaching wages, coach education, player t-shirts and Volunteer Coaches’ packages. The remaining funds are used for administrative costs, equipment purchase, equipment replacement and supplements for the scholarship program. As you can see, the vast majority of the monies collected by the club are spent in direct support of the players and teams.

Q: Who is on the NM Rapids SC payroll ?

A: The Director of Coaching, Administrative Director and Age Group Directors are all on salary. Contract Coaches are paid per a pre-arranged agreement; The Club Registrar and Bookkeeper are paid based on the level of service provided. The NM Rapids SC Board of Directors consists of all volunteer positions.

Q: What level of control does NM Rapids SC exert over its teams and players ?

A: NM Rapids SC expects and requires its players, coaches and supporters to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the values of the club. Sportsmanship and dignity are key elements in this conduct. The NM Rapids SC Parent, Player, and coaching handbook detail more of these expectations. The NM Rapids SC membership handbook can be found at Membership Handbook (Updated 10/21/16). Other than the issues or policies detailed in the membership manual NM Rapids SC does not control team or player activities, trips, or goals. Activities such as indoor soccer or guest playing for other teams / clubs are coaching and team decisions. Teams are allowed to utilize legal means of fundraising as long as there are no direct conflicts with NM Rapids SC fundraising activities. The operation of the team is the responsibility of the team coach, manager and other members involved in team decisions. Teams can set tournament and travel schedules without interference from club administration. Teams can assess additional fees or monthly dues to meet team financial requirements without fear of being assessed further dues or coaching charges once their membership fees have been paid. Teams can ask for guidance from NM Rapids SC staff when determining tournament or travel schedules. Team budgets, tournaments, and travel are team – not club issues. Discuss and understand any additional team fees or your additional annual financial commitment with the coach or team manager of your prospective team.

Q: If I bring my team to NM Rapids SC, will the club break-up my team and take my best players ?

A: NM Rapids SC understands that teams come to the club with the intent of staying together as a unit. Player education and development is the primary goal of NM Rapids SC and no teams are ever forced to break up or merge with other groups. As a club we will always make sure our membership are informed of all options available to them (whether it be club passing, guest playing or opportunities to join other teams). At certain age groups, where teams move from small sided soccer to 11 a-side soccer and when teams enter the high school age groups, there is often a transition of players on to different rosters as rosters sizes must increase or players select a more competitive route for their high school aged years. All of this is always done with coach, director and parental discussion.

Q: Do I have to buy my uniforms and warm-ups from NM Rapids SC ?

A: NM Rapids SC is not a uniform or soccer specialty vendor. NM Rapids SC does have a standard uniform it requires each playing member to purchase for use during official league or tournament games as detailed in the membership manual. The initial uniform, training suits and replacement jerseys are to be purchased from the club – specified and approved vendor and decorated by the club – specified vendor. NM Rapids SC goes to great lengths to negotiate the best price for any of the specified uniform pieces and encourages the membership to patronize the club approved vendor for their soccer accessory or uniform needs. Such patronage enables NM Rapids SC to strike deals with our vendors at the lowest cost possible for our members.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with my coach, staff coach or NM Rapids SC club policy ?

A: NM Rapids SC has a very capable person dedicated to arbitrating and resolving internal conflicts for parents and players. The Parent / Player Liaison will do the best job possible to provide satisfactory resolutions to the parties concerned when problems are encountered. This person is listed on the club website as “Parent / Player Liaison”.

Q: Do players have to tryout for their team every season ?

A: Tryouts, roster additions or subtractions, or other related issues are considered team issues and coaching decisions. Only in the case of gross misconduct (coach, player or parent) would the club interfere in such decisions. If a coach does not wish to have any roster additions or subtractions, they are not required to go to tryouts.

Q: Why can’t we put our names on our uniforms or training suits ?

A: Child protection is a top priority for NM Rapids SC. As NM Rapids SC cannot guarantee the background of attendees at either practice or game venues, we believe it is imperative to keep our players as anonymous as possible. This is in accordance with NM Rapids SC risk management policies.

Q: If my player quits can I get a refund ?

A: NM Rapids SC policy regarding refunds is detailed in the Membership Handbook (Updated 10/21/16).

Q: Does NM Rapids SC have a scholarship program ?

A: NM Rapids SC has limited funds for player scholarships during both the fall and spring. Awards are based on financial need of the players. The scholarship process and deadlines are detailed in the membership manual