New Mexico Rapids Scholarship Program

Every year NM Rapids is committed to making soccer accessible for families across NM. Below you will see the process for applying for Financial Aid. All NM Rapids scholarships are need-based.

Anyone who joins the club mid-season and is interested in Financial Aid will need to apply with the steps below. We can’t guarantee that players who join mid-season will receive Financial Aid due to budget limitations.

All Financial Aid Communication should go to:

Cathy Thomas
NMRSC Scholarship Director
NM Rapids Treasurer/Registrar

Jason Moran
NMRSC Scholarship Director
Executive Director

Scholarship Process

Step 1:

Register for NM Rapids Soccer Club and pay the initial payment

Step 2:

Apply for scholarship:

Step 3:

Email proof of income to

Step 4:

Applicant will be Notified via email on Scholarship Award (Usually 2 Week Turn Around Time)

General Scholarship Info

How Much Can Players Receive General Range

$0 - $24K75%
$25K - $29K70%
$30K - $34K60%
$35K - $39K55%
$40K - $44K40%
$45K - $49K35%
$50K - $54K30%
$55K - $59K25%
$60K - $70K15%
  • Scholarships only cover the Rio Club fees. It does not cover team fees, uniform costs or travel costs.
  • There are no full scholarships.
  • All fees not covered by the scholarship are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Proof of income is the federal tax return.
  • The application process will be delayed if any lines are left blank or required information is missing. Ensure you get all the information for your team, the team name, coach and the amount of fees are key fields in the application.
  • All awards will be sent out via email, make sure you provide an email that you check, this makes the process faster. If you do not have an email, we recommend having the team manager provide their email as a contact.
  • Applicants should let the Team Manager know they are applying for a scholarship.

Criteria Used for Selection of Scholarship Receiptients

  • No one will be disqualified because of sex, race, color, creed or religious beliefs
  • Scholarships are based on income, those making $55,000 a year will receive less than those making $20,000 per year.
  • Families with an income of $70,000 and above will not be considered for scholarships unless there are extenuating circumstances.