Parent Expectations

In order for our program to achieve its goal of developing players, we require parents to support and assist us.  Here are the ways as a parent you can help out:

  • Have your child at practice as much as possible. The more they are there the more we can teach them
  • Have your child attend games as much as possible. Games are another learning opportunity, so the more they are there, the more we can teach them
  • Arrive to games and practices in a timely manner – Practice – 5 minutes before start; Games – 20 minutes before game time.
  • Ensure you child is appropriately dressed for soccer practice & games. No jeans or restrictive clothing. In cold weather please ensure child has gloves, hat and plenty of layers.
  • Bring both Jerseys to all games. There maybe time when we need to switch jerseys.
  • Do not coach from the sidelines. Please leave the coaching to the coaching staff. It is important that the coaches have the attention of the children in order to help with their development. Cheering/supporting your child/team IS encouraged.
  • Ensure your child has an inflated ball, water and shinguards for all practices and games.
  • Communicate with Academy Director any absences in a timely manner. This helps us ensure we have enough players on teams for games.