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Rio Rapids Soccer Club Virtual College Fair

Have you identified a college/university that you think could be a match for your interests?  Looking for the kind of first-hand information and experiences about that school that you can’t find in a brochure or on a website?  Thinking about majoring in a particular academic area and want to know what it may be like and what your options are?  Considering a career in a particular field and want to know how best to pursue that opportunity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Virtual College Fair can be a great resource for you.  A group of Rio Rapids Soccer Club alumni who are attending/have attended college and played college soccer have generously offered to be a resource for our current players and their families.  Want to know more about what it is like to attend and play soccer at a particular college/university, to major in a particular academic discipline or to prepare for a career field – then look through our Alumni resources who are willing to have you reach out to them to discuss their personal experiences.  Reach out to them in any of the ways identified and you can learn from their first hand personal experiences.

The alumni are listed by state or geographic region and then by college/university.  If you have questions about how best to utilize the virtual college fair or if you are an alumni who is willing to serve as a resource, please contact Ray Nause at ray.nause@nmrapids.org