RRSC US Girls Academy 01
Dear Rio Rapids Families,
Big News today as Rio Rapids has been invited into the Girls Academy League for the 2020-21 season. This is the first time an entire girls club from NM has been invited to join a national league and will further the opportunities available to our female players.

“Rio Rapids is very excited to be joining the Girls Academy for the 2021/22 season. New Mexico has long been underrepresented with opportunities in the top women’s leagues and this is a great opportunity for Rio Rapids players to get challenged, continue their development and showcase their talent on a national stage. We look forward to working with the league and other member clubs to create the best environment possible for players to have the opportunity to reach their potential on and off the field.” 
-Jason Moran, Executive Director.

“The Girls Academy welcomes Rio Rapids Soccer Club. Rio Rapids have been consistently competitive over the years and have developed many talented players who have gone on to compete collegiately and behond. They have done so without a true national platform and we are confident that Rio will be an outstanding addition to the GA and take full advantage of this new opportunity they have earned.” 
-Lesle Gallimore, Commisioner GA