Hello Rio Rapids Supporter!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day in which communities across the globe celebrate generosity and its transformative effects on communities everywhere.

Your support of the Rio Rapids Soccer Club has provided the foundation for our current and past student-athletes to achieve transformative successes on the field, in the classroom and in our community.

With the Fall season in the books, I wanted to send along my appreciation to our families, coaches, alumni and business partners for their support and dedication. Over the last year, I’ve seen innumerable acts of great sportsmanship and kindness from our families, coaches, fans and players. Rio Rapids has evolved from a club to a family as a result of the daily acts of kindness and support among our families. I’d like to thank every family personally for their commitment to our soccer family! I’ve recorded this short video to thank you and your player for their commitment to sportsmanship, kindness and community service!

I’d appreciate hearing what you’re thankful for from this past season! Please click the button below to share a story from the past year that made an impact on you. We won’t share any of your responses without your permission.

This past year, the Rio Rapids Soccer Club provided nearly $70,000 in scholarship to support our Rio Rapids family. On Giving Tuesday, you have the opportunity to support our Scholarship fund by clicking the button below. Can you donate $1.00 for each act of great sportsmanship you’ve seen this year?

Thank you for your support of Rio Rapids soccer!

Jason Moran

Executive Director

Rio Rapids Soccer Club