Dear Rio Rapids SC Families,

Rio Rapids SC launched it’s “Let Us Play” campaign below this summer in an effort to foster a healthy environment for youth soccer players, coaches and families. We appreciate the time, money and energy you invest in your children’s youth soccer experience and want to support you in making the gift that you share with your child as rewarding as possible. We would like to share the following video with you titled “I love watching you play”. The message shared by a former professional athlete, current soccer coach and parent of a young child is a valuable message that can help you and your child embrace & succeed in the process of development & competition.

Whilst we understand a valuable piece of taking part in youth sports is competition, we feel that learning to love the game, developing as a player and a person are equally important and it is imperative that we keep perspective throughout the developmental process.

We hope that you find the time to watch this excellent video helping us as coaches & parents to better understand how we can positively impact our children’s experience in youth soccer.

See you all on the fields soon!