Rio Lightning (U10G) Volunteered this weekend to support The Watermelon Mountain Ranch No Kill Animal Shelter.   The Girls were tasked with asking for donations to support the Operations of the shelter.  Due to winds the girls were only able to ask for donations for about 2 hours before they had to stop.   In that time they raised over $200 which will help to feed, water, and help all the dogs.  “T-Bone” pictured with the girls was adopted out to his new home on Sunday which is great!.   The Girls also got to play with some puppies.   WMR was  extremely happy we came to help them for this event and are always looking for help during the large adoption events.  It was our pleasure to assist them!  If  any RRSC Teams are looking for a place to do their Volunteer Time do not hesitate to consider WMR as an opportunity!  Watermelon Mountain Ranch