At Rio Rapids Soccer Club, player development is centered on creating an environment where each player can accomplish their individual goals. We work hard to structure our training sessions in order to maximize the time we have with our players. We believe that involving parents by communicating our goals and expectations contributes to the creation of a positive environment for children to develop, not only as soccer players, but as responsible individuals.  View “Let Us Play” Handout

With this in mind, we ask that parents and spectators observe training & access training fields using the perimeter of the fields prior to and during any of the times players are actively involved in training for the following reasons: 

Player safety & well being – it is important for us to be able to monitor and control who has access to the players during training sessions to ensure player safety. Additionally we want to remove the possibility of player injuries related to contact with other adults/children, chairs/belongings in and around the training area.

Removal of Player & Coach Distractions – Part of creating the ideal training environment is minimizing distractions for the coach and players. It’s important to create a space where the coaching staff can fully focus on their players & the players can fully focus on their coach. 

Utilization of available field space – Utilizing the full space available allows coaches to run productive training sessions appropriate for player age groups unrestricted by space constraints. 

Player responsibility – allowing the kids to take full responsibility for their training without the scrutiny of parents, and allowing creativity without fear of failure in front of an audience is important for the learning process.

We welcome all parents to observe training sessions in the designated areas  specified below:

Arroyo Del Oso Park – Observation from along the fence line inside the park or footpath on North perimeter.

Balloon Fiesta Park – Observation from the road/sidewalks inside of the park.

Aztec Park – Observation from the fence line inside the park or treeline on east side of park.

St. Pius High School – Berm on westside of training fields.

In instances when emergencies require a parent to access the field, common sense will always prevail. Thanks for your help & support in creating a safe & productive training environment for your children.